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Originally Posted by mq124 View Post
Looks like you have quite the project going on. I am looking to supercharge my xi at some point but I dont know about the transfer case holding up to the power. Im just worried about running into all sorts of drivetrain problems caused by the added power. Do you have any plans on building the transfer case? I will be following your build and am looking forward to seeing the progression
I was worried about that as well, but that is really the least of your problems. The BMW rating for the transfer case is hilarious. No decent engineer would use a transfer case where the rated torque handling capability is the exact same value as the engine it goes on. That's just begging for failure.

Luckily the E46 isnt the only car with this transfer case, and New Ventures has their own spec sheet that they were willing to release once upon a time.

With proper fluid changes, the transfer case is probably THE single strongest piece of the xi drivetrain.

You can find the document posted here:

I'm also not too worried about the axles. The axles, I feel, can take a lot of beating. The axles boots are the failure point there. I have two sets of axles though so if I can catch torn boots early (I always have in the past) I just put the other axles on with new circlips , clean out the old boots and bearings then repack with new boots and grease.

The only part I do worry about is the front differential. It'll handle 300awhp as long as you don't launch/suddenly dump power into it. But if you get too ballsy it may decide to give up.
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