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Originally Posted by kwikt View Post
Good question because I checked mine today on my 330. With the key in the on position it read 50psi. Then I started it and it read 50psi. Turned the engine off and it slowly dropped to 44psi and stayed there for at least 30min til I then took the gauge off. I don't know how long you should keep the gauge on though.
OK, I checked my Bentley manual (should have done this first ). The fuel pressure should be 50 psi plus minus 3psi. After shutting the engine off, the pressure "should not drop more than 0.5 bar from the system pressure (50psi)" after 20min.....

So Kwikt, you should be OK but it looks like I should replace my fuel pump or look into leaky injectors since my system is 40psi.....

Great discussion guys. Thanks
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