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Fuel Filter - my experience

Overall this wasn't a bad DIY. Just a few pointers that I missed when reading/watching how to do this.

1. You MUST buy a new pack of small hose clamps. The ones on the car are NOT reusable.

2. Our cars have a 1/4" rubber vacuum tubing attached to the filter. Mine was brittle and cracked as soon as I touched it. You will need only about 6 inches of it. Buy 1 foot.

3. You should replace the rubber fuel lines also. If I remember there's less than 1 foot of it. Buy the good stuff. Don't be cheap.

4. A lot of gas will pour out of the line. Have a catch can ready.

5. Use rubber/latex gloves, eye protection, and a headlamp. Makes it easier.

6. If you have anywhere near 100k miles check for leaks while you are under there. No one else will (including the guy you pay to change your oil).

7. The rest is on YouTube (FCPGroton has a nice video) or written on this site. Watch/read and learn. It will go smooth.

.02 HTH and GL!

BTW, I noticed smoother acceleration and smoother shifting (Auto trans). I was definitely overdue for this one (115k). Fuel that came out of filter was black. Not sure the recommended interval but 115k miles was way too long.

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