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Originally Posted by trj View Post
I tried to do this yesterday and failed horribly.
First: couldn't get the front 2 screws of the shield out so I just bent it away to access the filter.
Second: Couldn't get the filter clamp 10mm nut out, the bolt snapped when tried too hard.
Third: Almost stripped all the clamps.

My issue I guess was because I had very less room under there because I was only using 2 jack stands and working under the car in a parking lot.

So I gave up and put it back together with the broken filter clamp just being held by the shield.

My questions,

1)can I just go to the autozone/advanced auto and get regular fuel lines and small clamps? What size and specs? I plan to cut the hoses on the old one, and also what size is the vacuum hose? I would buy that too.

2)Can I clamp the new hose tight on the nipples of the filter before going under the car and only tighten the clamps that are on the fuel lines only when I actually go under the car?

3)what can I do of the broken 10mm bolt still stuck under the car?

4)The new filter(Kayser) I bought doesn't have that rubber tubing around it, Can I re-use the one from the old one(if I can get it off there) or is there anything else I can use there?

since it's been a few months since you tried this I assume you got the job done?

I'm a little worried about your fuel filter bracket tho. Were you able to secure it?

I think it's there to prevent the filter from moving around when driving over bumps, etc. If it moves, the lines could come loose or crack and spill fuel. The car could catch on fire!

I would recommend having a pro address that problem if you can't remove the old bolt. Maybe it can be drilled out and another bolt put in. It's a very critical part that is there for a good reason.


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