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Hey Doug,

I first tried snugging the rear left bolt, and it seemed nice and tight, however it still leaked,albeit less, but still leaked.

Then I decided to loosen all the bolts a bit, and retighten them paying very close attention to the pattern, and it still leaked.

Yesterday I went and picked up a new gasket and grommets, along with some ultra black rtv. I let the engine cool for at least four hours, and replaced the VCG.
When I had the VC off, I held it up like I would to inspect a guitar neck for anomalies.
The VC looked straight, with no signs of warping. The car sat for 8 hours before I drove it, and after a quick drive to inspect the seal; I find it to be leaking from the front left corner on the long side of the VC, opposed to the short side with halfmoons.

Now how I tightened it:
I seated the hex nuts and grommets on all of the VC studs, and then snugged all of them from: back left>front right. Back right> front left. I repeated this working my way through all of them.
Next, I went back and put the final torque of 7ft/lbs in the same pattern as described before.

Epiphany!.....As I am typing this I feel like I remember the nut right where I am getting my new leak to feel a bit more slack than the others, when I did the final torque pass.

Are these VCs really that temperamental?

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