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Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
Mine handles nicely with my 245 fronts...but I've never compared to square so mabe I'm missing out
Using a 245/275 combo puts you perfectly in BMW's recommended street stagger of a 30mm difference front/rear. Remember stock? 225/255. Yes, a 30mm difference in the stagger.

most people will not notice the shortcomings of a staggered set up while driving even moderately hard in the street.

Now, go to the track and take a 30 mm stagger and drive it REALLY hard ..nine tenths or 10 tenths effort and the fronts are going to get overpowered by the wider contact rears. Serious UNDER STEER is the result.
If you are not experiencing under steer then you are not pushing the car hard enough yet.
There are countless articles and threads on staggered tires and under steer. That is why a square set up is ideal for the track but not REALLY necessary for the street.
Here is just a couple examples of the scores of material written about staggered tires on the track. Notice that not everyone experiences understeer because they are not yet the skill level where it will eventually become apparent.
Or maybe the track they frequent doesnt have very many challenging curves/turns.

My first set of tires were 245/275 in 19 inch Bridgestone RE-01's (predecessor to famous RE-11's. They were almost the same really) which did very well on the track. ii drove them at Sebring and had a great time. maybe it was because i cheated by having some TOE OUT set on my fronts which helped combat under steer. I had been experiencing serious under steering at homestead track and I never understood until later. I did some homework. That's when i used the toe out on my fronts and the front anti sway bar trick (sotften your adjustable to full soft).

Experiencing for the first time: four 18 inch DForce wheels and 265/35x18 BFG-R1 track tires...basically slicks of the SAME size on all four corners. What a difference. Never again the staggered street tires. Dont get me wrong. I had a lot of fun on the 245/275 set up. You can work around the under steer by adding toe OUT on the fronts. Also make sure your fronts are maybe running a couple psi lower so the sidewalls flex maybe a small amount. it really helps keep them planted on a hard turn. i also SOFTENED my front anti sway bar which helps with any under steer. I run it full stiff for the 265mm square set up. I can finally fit 275's in the front because i went from the really LOW KW's to a higher riding TC Kline coil overs.

Originally Posted by M5chas View Post
I ran 265 front and 295 rear on the last m3. That was a pretty potent combination, Arc8 9.5/10. This one has 245 and 285 and handles like complete dog crap, but that is probably also due to the current suspension setup. That will be remedied shortly.
That's an excellent combo.,,,maybe ideal.A 265 in the front is the way to go. its hard to make a 265mm tire plow! They just stick. Sometime you just NEED the wide rubber in the back for traction!
Yes, do loose your current set up.

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