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Originally Posted by nnacpil View Post
What were your front offsets 22 or 35?

Anyone experience 265/35 and 285/35 combo? Maybe I should consider the 9.5 et35 Arc-8 wheel up front instead of an aggressive offset 22 to keep from running more neg camber w/a 265/35 tire.
Yes! To the ET35! Realize 6you can run different thickness spacers and change them out depending on your mood that day! Always go with the hoice that gives you the most options.

You are also correct to stay away from crazy camber. i never felt I got any better lap times out of more camber. Your tires will last longer too!

I am strictly a stock alignment guy. Stock settings are pretty aggressive when you realize them.

The 265/285 combo is hard to beat. its not square, but you get the added benfit of the extra traction in your wide rear tires.

Be aware that even a wide 265mm tire can still get plowed by a hard charging sticky set of 285's in the back.

You will gain traction in the street more than if you ran 265's in the rear.
For a staggered set up, you arent giving up much. I consider them to be an great combo. The F/R diameters work too!

That set up In R888's would be VERY hard act to follow. You need to have more confidence driving those in the rain. I know that one rainy day a week on anything but hydro rain grooved tires really bothers you. Take a chance...LIVE. you would be Da MAN with those sizes in R888's.
You could run the 285/30x18 at 24.8 inches diameter...OR the R888 comes in a YES!....7295/30x18 at 25.1 inches diameter.
Your 265m is 25.4 inches. You are looking SO good! Either REAR is not going to be very hard to fit because they are NOT overly tall tires. That's good!

Ask other r888 owners if one rainy day a week is a deal killer.

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