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I was at my local dealership on Thursday, 07/19/2012, and of the oil on display in the parts department, not one bottle claimed to be LL-01. All if it was BMW-branded oil, and not a single bottle of any of the various weights said that it was LL-01. Maybe they hide the LL-01 in a secret room, although I seriously doubt this is actually the case.

They had both full synthetic and dino oil, and there were several different weights. My guess is that some was for mortal cars, some for the M cars, and some for BMW morotcycles, although the part about the bikes is just a guess because I don't recall that this dealership carries the bikes. It could, I just don't remember seeing any.

My dealership is owned by a consortum of Boris Said and Hendrick Motorsports. I saw Boris the other day when I was there. I did not know, but he's something like 6'6".
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