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Originally Posted by ILLuSioNz X View Post
Can you elaborate on why you think they're crap ?
Not even close enough to adequate traction for the power we make unless youre talking about the 555 drag radials. I was talking about the regular 555 street tires.

Originally Posted by Dreikraft View Post
The 550lb fronts is why. Even with just the 265/35/18 I got now I cant enter a gas station without rubbing against the apron with the front progressive 350lb pss10s lol.
What rate in the rear? And what's your current ride height front and rear?
275/35/18 seems ideal for +600whp on the m3... If u push your car in the corners may have to modulate 2nd but atleast it can turn!
600lb rears. 13.5 front and 13.0 rear.
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