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Originally Posted by StrummerE46 View Post
i FVCKING HATE iceberg lettuce. i hate it. it turns brown when u cut it and its left for a few minutes, and when places put it on hot food, it wilts and gets slimy. i can smell it from 50 feet away when its warm, smells like fertilizer. i fvcking refuse to eat anything thats touched it. i can't even order tacos or burgers anywhere because they make them with lettuce, and then the lazy fvcks that work there just take the lettuce off and serve it. i can tell, it smells like fertilizer. or theyll leave a tiny piece on, and mid chew ill taste it and have to spit it all out and then throw away whatever i was eating.

i hate kidneys too. one time when i was drunk i walked into an english pub and ordered a steak and kidney pie, thinking it would be steak and beans. i found these big white chunks of **** in it, and because i was drunk i ate it. the next day my mouth tasted like piss and nothing i did would make it go away. then my gf made some fvcked up thai food and put little tiny kidneys in it, and told me it was liver so id eat it. then it tasted like piss for another day.

licorice is fvcking nasty so are regular twizzlers. so is jelly beans, mike & ikes, any of that nasty textured sh!t. jello is also equally disgusting.

limburger cheese. seriously who was hungry enough to eat something that smells like hot garbage? we bought it as a joke to try it and as soon as i put it on my tongue, my gag reflex made me vom and we fed the cheese to ducks.

apples fvcking suck. they taste like water chestnuts but bitter and gross. cantaloupe leaves a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. store bought oranges taste like sh!t, so does any citrus from california. cherry tomatoes are gross- i remember getting these at the salad bar in elementary school and biting into them and that goo shooting into my mouth and throwing up. fruit cake sucks too.

krab. not crab, that fake **** krab. disgusting. stop cheaping out and get real crab.

white meat chicken is garbage. everyone in my family refuses to eat dark meat because its "cheap", but they eat stringy tasteless dry white meat that they cook until its dry as cardboard.

when people overcook asparagus, brussel sprouts or broccoli. it gets squishy and it smells like sh!t. when it smells, it means you've overcooked it!! i also hate when dumbasses boil eggs too much and the yolk turns green and it smells like sh!t.

bagels. wtf? boiled then baked chewy dough? my fvcking jaw hurts afterwards. fvck bagels.

flavored chips and crackers. only fat fvcks buy this crap. doritos, flavored tostitos, idc its all for fat people. flavored chips remind me of fat people and bad breath. beef jerky pretty much sucks too. it doesnt taste like much, and u cant chew it without killing your jaw, and god forbid u ever leave a bag open in your car by accident. your car smells like a rhino fart for a month.

fruit juice from concentrate. NASTY AS FVCK. it doesn't even taste like juice, its like fruit flavored lysol.

flavor ice. goddamn i was tortured through elementary and preschool with this crap. i HATE IT. it tastes like frozen robitussin. i also hate grape juice and those shitty danish cookies that come in a blue tin. and the little crunchy pretzels. UGH. school snacks r sh!t.

2 liters of soda. after you first open it, the soda tastes flat and gross. get cans or smaller bottles that youll drink in that sitting.

chex mix. this includes nasty flavored chips and pretzels and crackers.

croissants. they taste burnt.

turkey in recipes that call for beef. youre not fooling anyone, and the extra bit of fat and calories you cut arent worth it. stop being stupid.

anything organic or free range. its a godd@mn scam. its pretentious, lame and overpriced.

when people use dried herbs in italian cooking, or oregano in their sauce. oregano makes it taste like crap and gives it a dry flavor. stop being cheap and get some fresh herbs. freeze what you dont use thats fresh, and break it out when u need it.

thats all i can think of for now. i do however, LOVE durian, tofu, natto, chicken livers, curry, eating potatoes raw, chicken feet, anything with fish sauce on/in it, goat and lamb, sushi and any raw seafood and a bunch of other sh!t other people think is gross. i basically hate food that people eat to be half ass or lazy, and i hate short cuts in cooking.
^ this guy doesnt like doritos quite possibly the best snack food out there.

And bagels? how can you not love a bagel with cream cheese or some egg and pork roll on it?

Flavor ICE!!?? Thats like a national past time
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