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Originally Posted by Kris@TSS View Post
You can talk to Phil ext 142. He's pretty helpful.
I think this is what I'll end up doing.

Warranty replacement products should be free of any customs charges, as were my first set of repalcement springs. The second set of springs I was sent carried a $45 fee, which I had to pay out of pocket.

I sent Adam @ KW my FedEx bill, to which he replied asking for my credit card information to issue a refund. I asked if PayPal was okay, since I'd feel safer proceeding with the transaction that way, to which he said "KW doesn't deal with PayPal"

Fine, so today I ask him exactly what CC info fields he needs to issue the refund and I get "You must of misunderstood my last few emails, use my manager as your contact from here on out". Here's the catch, within the last 5-6 weeks that I've been dealing with KW to fix this issue, not once have I been contacted by, or been able to contact the "manager" (who's name is Bob by the way).

It baffles me the amount of manhours and money pissed away on a simple issue which took over a month to notice. We trust this company to offer quality suspension solutions, yet they were unable to simply notice I was sent the wrong springs twice? To me this is a little ridiculous..

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