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Originally Posted by arthurp19 View Post
Okay so i just bought some 19' rims thinking they could fit (my friends made it work on their bmw) the have 235/70/19 tires on them, they are only rubbing on the back. I really dont want to take it to a shop to get an alignment done (what most peoples advice is) and i would rather not roll or cut the fenders but i will if thats the only option. Is there any way to stop that tire from rubbing such as adjusting the camber slightly so it tucks in nicely? just adding that this is a 2000 323ci. please let me know what i can do so it stops rubbing.
A 235/70x19 is an astounding 32 inches in diameter, the proper tire for that car dials in at about 25 inches. Your car should not even be able to get out of its own way with such a huge tire, and if it does get started from a stop sign, it should barely be able to get up the hills on the freeway without downshifting. Indeed, with the relative flat power curve of a BMW and the tall gearing of the differential, those tires should keep you in about 3rd gear at freeway speeds.

There is something completely impossible about what you are saying. It is not possible for a tire that it 32 inches in diameter to fit under a 3 Series. You do not have slight rubbing, you have massive rubbing.
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