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Originally Posted by Dreikraft View Post
Update: car is waiting on the new stickers before they can dyno :p
Oh my golly. Let's post about stickers on every thread and be cool.

Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin
ChrisK and John have had to do a lot of diagnosis on Ben's car. They've replaced both fuel pumps as the fuel pressure was dropping at the end of the pull. The wideband O2 sensor took a crap so they replaced that as well. They also replaced the fuel pressure regulator. They've found a large voltage difference between what the EMS sees and what the battery has which is causing the battery offset table to kick in. They also found the oil pump is shot so they are replacing that. They've had to pull the car on and off the dyno several times. The car will be back on the dyno very soon as all of the problems are now figured out.

Here's a "preliminary" pump gas dynograph. Once fuel pressure issues are rectified we will have final results.

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