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Originally Posted by Steven747 View Post
its rare we get robbed these days if we follow security procedures properly.

i can tell you 1 thing is theres an emplyee outside with a gun to his head and theres 3 workers inside and the robber demands to open the door or he shoots the employee we cant open the door no matter what because it endangers 3 people vs. just the one outside . sad but its the proper thing to do .

when getting robbed you give the robbers all the money in the safe not that much maybe a grand or 2 , big portion of the money only the armor guy can get to so no matter what we cant touch that
So if I...or someone who isn't me...decided to rob McDonalds, all I...or this person...needs to do is keep the numbers on my side and rob the place when the armor guy is there? They're usually old...
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