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Thanks for the recommendation Phamine, and nek0.

With the Impressive recommendation - I would tread away from mechanicals as I'm friends with Lennon. We all know what happened there.

I went to them for paint though - they did an exceptional job. Will return for that if I ever need more.

As for Motorcepts - I WAS contemplating going there. Some words of advice to all you fan make me ****ing SICK. You're the reason I don't visit these forums anymore. It's so obvious that you give these empty recommendations to blow them and are the same migrating pack which originated with Impressive. You guys are a BAD look for them. It's a shame. Yes, some of you didn't originate from that pack, but your intentions are totally clear. Guys like you didn't exist 4 years ago when everyone was on here in faith and decent intention. You guys are like spammers. SO annoying.

PM from YoungPro: "Get it done right the first time at Motorcepts. Having peace of mind that your car will leave the way it came and the quality that goes into it is unbelieveably excellent. Motorcepts or go home... Hope that helps with your decision "

Really man....? Sounds like a TV ad for a wristwatch that is going to expire in 7 minutes and 32 seconds and I need to "CALL NOW" before I lose my chance!


To all the other forum members who contacted me, I appreciate the references and recommendations. I will be getting in touch.
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