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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
Yes? So u agree that there is a difference between OE vs OEM but u r the one that said "you went back to OEM BMW."
Victor Reinz is an OEM/OES to BMW.

In an older.and different thread u mentioned the same about VDO/Siemen fuel pump. This is strange since VDO is the OEM that makes bmw fuel pump.

Not trying to start drama but I think u had a bad technician that wasn't following SOP when replacing the fuel pump/vcg. That tech decided to.cover his track by blaming the parts and poor.QA/QC.

Also...I am sure the company reimbursed u (although at a discount rate) for.warranty repair. Therefore saying fixing stuff is a bit of.a stretch need to educate me on oem vs oe. I already know the difference since I have been buying parts more often than the regular joes.

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They do not reimburse labor..... So yes FREE. No my techs are following SOP. Victor rienz has a high failure rate on the E46 gaskets. This has been noted by the whole group we pressured our main vender to carry Goetz gaskets for this reason. But I am sure you know the whole history and are a much better mechanic than we are. Victor Rienz DID not make the original BMW valve cover gasket. As for the VDO pumps I stand behind the statement. Maybe they improved quality but its not worth the risk to me.

Same with Febi Bilstien there cam sensors are wonderfull POS's

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