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Originally Posted by tmiked View Post
Stuck caliper.
Remove & rebuild
When at speed, if I just slightly tap on the brake pedal, I do feel a pulsating stream on the brake pedal and on the steering wheel as well, but I wouldn't characterize it as vibration since that may be too strong. If I do stomp on it and brake hard, I don't really feel any vibration and it feels pretty solid and if there's any vibration , it's probably from the road surface. I think I can tell the difference if it comes from the rotor or the road because the rotor will give a more periodic vibration.

My guess is the brake pads are riding on the rotor which is causing the uneven line. This morning when I looked at the rotor surface closely, I saw a couple of pretty sharp cuts on the surface.

If the rotor is warped, then braking hard would feel the vibration the most I think but it doesn't seem to be the case. The car has about 100K miles so I am not sure if the previous owner ever did any maintenance on the brake calipers.
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