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^ No need for lecturing here. It's called getting wind or word of mouth from people in the same community who may be aware of shops I'm not particularly aware of who aren't publicized too much. They also need help to grow and expand (got an email about a BMW tech who left the dealerships and is skilled, good guy to support). I'm in a different car community with RR's now, so I don't frequent and don't know who is pumping out work.

I already have my judgments and preconceived notions of some of these shops with their "fantastic" reputations and rap sheets. I'm trying to avoid that because some of the sponsors on here are not actually A, nor B+ quality shops. Just because they spend $400 / yr to advertise on here reflects nothing of their quality of work. Sure, they have a pretty identity on here, but it means absolutely nothing.

Thanks though, Advans.
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