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OEM Aux / USB charging kit I put together for < $100

Thanks to haurelio for the inspiration...

My car already has an AUX input adapter, and an Intravee with permanent mounted iPod in the trunk, but my wife expressed interest in using her iPhone 4s or the iPad when on trips. I wanted something more stealth than a USB to cigarette lighter adapter. While they have small USB adapters that will allow you to close the cover over the ashtray when nothing is plugged into them, as soon as you plug in a cable, the cable gets in the way of shifting.

Anyhow, here’s the parts list of this quick DIY:

OEM Aux adapter, circa $35 from dealer:
OEM Aux for e46 CD53 radios (cars without Nav), 2003 and newer: 82110149389
OEM Aux for BM53 radio modules (cars with Nav), 2003 and newer: 82110149391

Make sure to order the right one for your car of course... Notice the different connectors on the corresponding part #s / cables:

PAC USBCBL, $12 from Amazon:

Visions USB Hardwire Charger Power Port 2 Amps, $23 from Amazon:

neXplug iPod charge and audio cable with USB and 3.5mm, $22 (BMW also makes an OEM cable too)

The PAC USBCBL has a female USB connector… The hardwire kit has a male USB connector… They just plug right into each other. Wrapped the connector with a bit of electrical tape to secure it. Hardwired the other end to the fuse box…

I like to install the AUX port in the coin box. It's out of the way, plus if you mess up, you can buy a new plastic coin box for about $25.... Of course, I just bought a new coin box for the project...

This was my old install of the AUX input adapter... Just the AUX adapter in the coin tray, with the ugly BMW plate over it:

Threaded the AUX input cable into the new coin box and used a bit of glue to help secure the USB port as you tend to put pressure on them when inserting devices:

Finished product... Notice you don't need to use the BMW plate to secure the AUX input adapter:

You can stream Pandora and charge the iPhone at the same time...

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