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The code that was thrown 261 times was a p1500 (Idle speed control valve stuck open), which to me doesn't make sense because the idle speed seemed to be fine and it wasnt fluctuating. The other thing is I think it is temperature related, I live in orlando, fl so its hot a ballz out right now. It seems to want to turn the EML light on more when the car is hot, thus if driving around noon to 6 its about 97 out during that time of day. The only reason I tried to change the ICV is that was the most prevalent code on the system. There were no codes about failing Mass Air flow, or throttle body. What can I do about the drive by wire if that is the case? Any way to test that? I am going to the shop today, because they said they would re-diagnose for free because I already paid them for the diag last time.
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