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Originally Posted by Jack_Smackus View Post
Wow I didn't know the Wifi back pack accessory even existed.

The WiFi Backpack is amazing.

I use my GoPro camera to capture footage within our race cars. Being a circle track car, we run full containment seats - the driver cannot reach the camera to turn it on if we mount it in a place to capture our the window & the driver's steering wheel movements. With the WiFi Backpack, I take the remote up into the spotter tower with me and turn the camera on basically from the grandstands while the car is on the track.

I can also turn it off during caution flag situations to save on memory card and battery. It's pretty amazing... I have gotten it to work at very far ranges too!

(on this video here, I was able to turn the camera on & off anywhere on this 1/2 mile track - even at the furthest point down into turn 2! )

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