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It's been way too quiet here in this lounge I thought I'd post a short update....

Second date happened and we had drinks then despite my uncertainty above we got it on. Thankfully this one is a adventurous in the sack....but she couldn't stay, her mom was home watching her kids while we were out on the date.

Third date was last night, we kept things low key since it has been a busy week. Did drinks at my place...hung out on the deck talking, then went inside for the more of the deed. We definitely click, she is a wild one and seems to take whatever I dish out. But like before she had to leave about 11pm since her mom was watching her kids.

That's the only very minor drawback I see to this one. She doesn't have much free time since she has her 4 and 5 yo sons. I've only been able to see her about once a week so far. However, on all other levels she and I are very compatible so I'm intrigued to take things further and see. (I have a 3yo son)
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