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Ok, so I gave myself a day to take this in before commenting.. lmao. Here goes.

Fatal Flash:

I must agree with you that constant "empty" recommendations can be detrimental to the "faith" you might have in member's reviews/experiences as a source. I also understand that you have a problem with fan-boys. I made the mistake of getting involved with lennon in the Unimpressive auto thread and will never do that again. That was a bad call on my part and since then I've learned.

However, I Pm'ed you - which stands for private message not public since your incapable of reading forum rules well and dont know what abbrev. stand for-. Read over what I wrote again and put your foot in your mouth. It was a simple recommendation with a comical tone and If you didnt like it, Pm me back and say **** up ( wouldnt take any offense Im a cool dude) or simply dont respond. So just calm down, (try) to get laid and dont take it so serious cupcake O.k.? Ok. <3

And I have a question: Are you mentally defective? of course you are! You ask a question on a public forum and get upset when people give their opinions/answers. Its like taking a poll for your favorite Ice cream and throwing a ***** fit when the majority say they like vanilla over chocolate. Seriously, Guy, get a damn grip.. or some critical thinking skills.. or both . If you dont want to listen to us on a public forum GTFO. There are so many threads created almost every week asking for recommendations. In addition you've been around for a little while so I bet you know which shops are accredited for motor swaps within the NY/NJ area. You also know shops so instead of whining like a girl look up numbers and call for yourself. Grow up and become a big boy and make decisions for yourself. We the forum members are a supplement to your research.. Did you learn how to research in college? Wait.. Dont answer that the answer is evident...

Finally, making a "strike" against Motorcepts due to "fanBoys" shows how well developed your thinking process is ..or isnt rather .. .. People will always be there to give their two cents but its your job to take the info you need or ignore it. That what mature people do.

I usually dont let stuff like this get to needing my attention but i had to let you that you were out of line 100%. Im not going to hide behind my computer like a punk and let you use my words to prove your weak point(s). Dont make the mistake to cross me the way you did again because unlike everyone else I will blow your spot up infront of the entire tristate.. I got nothing to lose here and you dont know me and I dont know you. .. I got to let you know that your wrong and Im sure others can see it. I did right by Motorcepts to PM you instead of posting publicly. At least give me that, and that I spent approx. 1 min 4 seconds to write that message. No disrespect Leo or Motorcepts, Im not a fan boy ( well maybe I was once ) and dont let my words allow any of you to cast judgement upon their business. I am totally unassociated with them.

Hope you learned something.

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