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I was "lucky". Since our cars cost the tripple of a US car, owners keep them in good shape here :-)

Ok, when I bought the car, shortly after I had to replace all the brakes and tires was in a poor condition.
Dealer had to replace the exhaust filter (diesel) within the 3 month warranty.

OK the car hasnt been without faults. But after 130.000 miles things just start to brake down.

Because of the car prices here, my e46 had close to nothing installed. Manual control for A/C unit, no
arm rest, no leather seats, H7 headlights, no fog lights, No CD radio (damn).
So I have upgraded my e46 which is slowly getting done now. This has been a huge job to find all
parts from ebay and local BMW expert.

What surprices me is, my e46 have no dents, scratches or corrosion after 8 years. Not bad.
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