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Originally Posted by zcchen View Post
Here is the link.
They are basically building a tubular exhaust manifold with sch 10, 1.5 inch primaries.
Sounds promising and seem like they have the first one built already.
And they seem legit.
I am not related to them at all, just passing on this info.
You are most wise in pursuing this. IMO, there is a 20 to 30% loss in power due to the bottleneck that the current two exhaust manis being used for our builds (HPF cast and the Steed).
This loss becomes greater as the turbo size increases.

You will see a lot lower EGT's with the 1.5 inch tubing too! Everything runs cooler, less stressed and more power with less boost.
You need to modify the intake tube at the same time. it IS possible to run a Giant AFE filter and still retain your AC unit, BTW.

Good luck.
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