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Originally Posted by 95silverM View Post
have star specs mounted on apex wheels atm, but I have to replace the rears..going with r888's (thinking 295 or 305). Will that alter the balance on the street having two similar tires in properties yet different branded tires?

dont feel like shelling out $$$ for a set of fronts when not needed.
R888's are a true R-Compound.
Star Specs are not (unless i'm mistaken)

For 'street driving' you're fine. Its better to have a stickier tire in the rear than the front (if you have to have unmatched tires) in my opinion as I'd rather push a little than spin unintentionally.. not that either should happen so long as you don't drive like a maniac.

Edit: FYI though.. R888's are not a general purpose tire.. unless you're putting down some serious horsepower and really really need it I would avoid that tire as a daily driver tire. They're going to wear fast, and in rain/etc they're pretty slick.. and they likely wont' heat up as fast as your Star Specs so you may have a loose rear end until their warm.

Double Edit: I should also mention that a true r-compound tire generally does not give you much audible feedback. So if you're a guy who throws his car into corners and off/on ramps pretty aggressively and then waits for the squealing before easing up.. you're going to have a bad time as the tire won't make much if any noise before letting go.

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