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More progress from this morning. Since I was starting to mock up the e30 rear subframe, I figured I should mount the diff I'm actually planning on using as well as the e36 dual eared diff cover. First up was to inspect my 3.25lsd. It's a rebuilt unit from BMW, denoted by the 'SE' tagged on the side of it. Getting the cover off, it's probably the cleanest diff I've ever gotten my hands on. All the gears are immaculate and not even any discoloration from old oil. I was thinking of replacing the seals before putting it on the road, but now I doubt I'll need to.

The ring gear, lsd pumpkin and speed sensor:

Ring and Pinion:

Next up was to install the e36 diff cover onto the 3.25 lsd. The main issue with this setup is the e30 reluctor ring is larger than the e36 counter part (or at least closer to the diff cover). This causes it to hit the cover and sensor. First you need to relieve the inside of the cover a bit to clear the ring.

With the cover clearanced, next up was making a spacer to move the speed sensor 0.300" out. This would let it get the proper reading from the ring while not interfering with it. So I took some measurements and made a quick sketch:

And of course I was out of 1.5" 6061 round stock, and I wasn't about to turn down my 4" 2024 round stock for a little sensor spacer. Luckily I did have some 1.5" square stock, so I cut off a section to turn down.

Facing the saw cut edge:

The diff cover side finished:

Inner diameter bored and lining up the cutoff tool:

This is how everything lines up. I may need to get a slightly larger o-ring for the spacer-diff cover seal, but overall it fits together pretty snug:

Installed view from the outside. As it sits right now it just bolts down with the stock metal bracket, which bends now that it's spaced up off the cover. I'm going to order some 0.5" round stock 6061 to make two addition small spacers to help support that connection:

Inside view with everything installed. You can see the extra clearance that the sensor has now:

Diff cover and sensor bolted up to the 3.25lsd:

3.25lsd bolted up to the subframe:

And finally the subframe back under the car, ready for mount fabrication:

Thanks for looking!
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