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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
Normally I would refer this to PM, as it's Trippinbimmer's thread, but I know he's also interested in this.

You need to start with 100% working cores, so in my case I bought 2 brand new axles and shipped them to DSS.

I can't remember the exact length, DSS informed me of the change they made. The E46 M3 hub sits 23mm futher out, so I think that might be the #?

The main thing was replacing the OEM center bar with one made of 300M. I've got a box full of axle parts...thanks to breaking stuff on the 330i. The Automatic axle is definitely the prefered design to have upgraded....
Good info. This will be good info for James (bigjae1976) as he is buying my Non-m Auto Axle shafts. I will be sending my M3 shaft at a future date to DSS when it is time.

Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
This is going to sound really odd, but you are probably best to use whatever injector your tuner already has experience with.

It takes a ton of work to dial in idle and part throttle fueling to make a car run smoothly, and most of this is related to the injector's dynamic response. The dynamic response has very little to do with maximum flow rate...which we all seem to toss around like HP #s.

I would not drive the car to Florida with a faulty injector...or in an unhealthy state. There's no point in trying to tune an unhealthy car.

Maybe the injectors AA uses on the M3 kits would be a good fit?
Adam, that is why I want to confirm with AA first. The 42lbs came from AA and only have 100mile use on them. The 36lbs Delphi V Style Pintle. I will have to get the part number off of them. Might be the same that TT uses on their kits.

I want to get the car running correctly before driving anywhere Then I can figure out the Upper RPM range lean at AA.


Edit: Verify the Injector Cyl 6 injectors does not fire
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