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i read this on another website regardless the scholarships (i.e. tuition discounts) that are given to law school applicants to entice them to matriculate. i should sit thru these sales tactics to see how hard sells are done

Before we had kids, my wife and I would occasionally agree to go sit through a vacation condo sales spiel if they were offering free nights in a hotel that was actually of interest to us.

This T20 (top 20 law school) admit's story of the ever-changing scholly (scholarship) amounts reminds me of some of those experiences.

One of them started off around $28K (it was truly a very nice resort). The first salesdood, in the face of my persistent statements that we were only there for the hotel voucher, serially ran down to about $16K (each time coming down about 2K, the last couple of times after having to "go check with Bob, The Vice President").

Then we met Bob The Vice President. Bob The Vice President had more discretion when it came to negotiating and was a more serious dood, he started biting off chunks of $3k or $4k at a time.

Bob got all the way down to his final offer of $4K and actually cursed me (in front of my wife) when I said no. I held out my hand and politely asked for my vouchers, which he slapped into my hand, then politely asked him if he was willing to (i) step outside with me or (ii) apologize to my wife for cursing in her presence. Turns out Bob had more than one type of discretion, so he kept his teeth and straight nose.

Now, here's the deal. All during the (hour-plus) nego session, I could see other couples getting up and shaking hands with their sales reps. Only a few of the couples ended up still there at the end, not purchasing. I remarked to my wife on the way home that I found it amazing that, based on the time folks got up and shook hands, that many of them obviously were suckered into paying sticker, while others probably got a fair bargain, but overall it just amazed me that a product supposedly worth $28K a pop at 5 pm could still be viewed to bring profit to a company just an hour later - at 4K a pop.

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