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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
Check the connector with a DMM....with the igntion switched on, you should have 12.Xv (battery voltage) from one of the pins.

Also, measure the resistance of the injector across it's 2 terminal pins and compare that to other injectors. (You'll have to unplug the harness completely I think to get to injector #6)

It could be the injector? Yes, it is Noid wont open and spray Fuel.

It could be the connector? Connector is in great Shape and still have current.

It could be the wiring harness? Check Current. One wire is 5v and other is 12v.

It could be the ECU (Worst case)? I hope not.

Just to be sure, I recommend replacing everything and upgrading to Cosworth ECU, Mil-spec wiring harness, and Bosch Motorsport injectors.

Great Advice I did ohm test on all injectors and got 19.6 ohms. Then I did a 12v test on the cyl 6 injector and it wont open and spray fuel. 1-5 works just fine. So we know whats the problem. BAD Injector

I would love to upgrade to Cosworth ECU, Mil-Spec Wiring Harness and Bosch Motorsport Injectors (I really want) but that will be down the road. I would like to wait for this guy to do the testing first :wink:

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