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A few question for D99 - Version, AT&T 3G Modem, Bluetooth Phone, Mounting Kit


I just joined the forum because it seems to be the most comprehensive Dynavin forum around. Though I don't have a BMW, I have a Universal D99 that is getting mounted in a 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche LT (2LT)

I have not be able to find which version my unit is. I am assumimg it is a V6. Where would I find out for sure?

The D99 is currently connected to WiFi and is setup on my test bench. It works great. Though I am wondering why it also shows a TMobile 3G connection when I have not yet added a USB 3g modem.

I use an AT&T SIM card for my cell phone data connection. I happen to have another spare AT&T SIM with unlimited data. For that reason, and figuring it would be a hassle (and take longer) to constantly turn ON and OFF my battery draining 3G Wifi Hotspot, I think that I would like to add a USB 3G modem (with SIM slot) to my D99. My question is: Do I need to purchase the Dynavin 3G modem or will any 3G USB SIM modem work without to many troubles? Any recommendations on a generic 3G modem? I assume a 3G HSUPA would be the best considering my SIMs are not configured for a 4G account.

Also, if a 3G modem is added, will the phone features from my phone which is connected to the D99 via bluetooth continue to work or will the unit try to use the SIM in the 3G modem for the voice connection? Can both a USB 3G modem and USB Wifi adapter be connected simultanously so the best connection can be established? Will this cause issues while the D99 chooses the correct connection? I can envision pulling up to a stop sign and the unit sees an open wifi network from a nearby house and tries to switch, then has to switch back when pulling away from the wifi.

Finally, does any one know of a trim kit that will adapt the D99 to a late model Chevy truck? I ordered the Metra 95-3305 adapter kit for double din radios. The D99 is much bigger. Any Advice? I am concerned that making good cuts to fit the D99 into the Metra will be extremely difficult and may look too rigged for my liking.

Thanks for the help,

PS...I haven't seen it out there, however has anyone found an XM or Sirus Radio that will integrate with the D99 and have onscreen controls?. I purchased the Metra kit to retain XM, however it only works via the steering wheel controls and the instrument panel lcd. Being desigined for Europe I am guessing there may never be a provision for this.
Will Dynavin be releasing a Capacitence Touchscreen model anytime soon? And is there a forseeable Android OS update that will be availible? If not what custom ROM has be the most stable/updated recently?

Thanks again,
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