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I was not really asking you to explain anything to me.

I have tried explaining what you can do, and cant, and when you do not want to listen there is a limit for how long i will keep repeating myself.
There are NO injectors that fit (at least not from bmw). NONE. They have wrong spray pattern.
And judging by your ecu remmapping skills, you really should leave this job for a professional.
And your understading of how the injectors work (and thereby commonrail) is wrong. The max fuel you can inject has little or nothing to do with the injectors themselves (they could inject for 360deg), but what happnes with combustion as you change the injection parameters.

Please dont be offended by this, in stead do one of 2: Read more, work more, and learn how it works. You will need a lot of expensice equipment to do this in the right way. option 2, pay someone to do it.
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