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Originally Posted by TX325i View Post
I haven't started up the car after I got home. The car rode fine all the way home it was just smoking. I possibly did overfill with oil. I will start the car again today and see what it does. Even if it stops smoking should I still change the VCG and Vanos seals?

Changing my vanos seals would help with my rough idling and stuttering takeoffs or with the oil on the spark plugs? Or both?

Also if oil got on the spark plugs does that mean that they are no longer usable? I have 145K miles on the car, I got it when it had 70K.
at 145k you better put some new plugs in while you are in there.
also at 145k you better have the VCG, Vanos, OFHG done.
I did mine at 115k and they were leaking BAD!
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