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Originally Posted by Sweetness View Post
Stookin, I would not recommend spending the time and money for an S54 Swap. There are a lot of shops around the WHOLE USA that can do the swap. I actually think you'll be better off in the West Coast. A lot more bimmers out there than here in the East. A 2001 330i is worth about $10,000 if it has under 100,000 miles + 8,000 of the motor swap you were planning on spending, and that's $18,000. More than enough to find a a great deal on a 04-06 M3. Plus you get better handling, better suspension, better interior, and the mindset of owning a genuine M.

If not, you can easily get an Mtech 2 kit, upgrade all of your maintenance items, exhaust, chip, intake and a lot of other mods...all under $5,000 and still have just as much fun as an M.

I would consider those two options.
For $5,000 on a non-M you won't get an M performance wise, and if you want an M motor/driveline in the first place you just made the swap sound not so bad.

Secondly, there are no great E46 M3s, especially 04-06s for under 20k. Maybe an 01-03 in pretty nice shape overall for $18k, but not an 04-06. And don't link me to some stupid example ads of a perdyy looking car from CL or, it doesn't prove anything.

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It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people
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