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Thanks, well aprreciated 330i ZHP. @ IconAlexander, I was considering VMR. Very nice wheels. But it was the issue of too many Bimmers with that style. One member here (sorry forgot your username) has the Work Gnosis GS-1 which I think look absolutely fantastic on a touring. Also the Hartge Classic looks great. But for now I went with something that's not as pricey as I do plan to pick up a set of the Work wheels when I become rich one day (LOL). Kind of liked going with a JDM wheel on a German car. I know a lot of Bimmer guys would frown on that but, whatever I don't care. I still like how they look. The wheels are sitting really flush. I only rub a little bit in the back. It's in the corner where the bumpers edge meets the body. It'll rub just a little bit when I hit hard dips in the road and mainly on the right rear. Then I got more rubbing on both sides when I had 2 passengers in the back, a passenger in front, and the cargo area with some duffle bags. I know it's gonna be a different story when I put on coilovers
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