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I got "sucked" into buying a timeshare too about a month ago. I needed to buy some showtickets for the family, and they provided a decent discount if I sat through one of their tours.

I felt that I negotiated a good deal, especially the ability to trade your timeshares (points sometimes) into other vacations for a small fee. Offcourse we like to take a vacation every year right? So it made sense...

After coming home I did my research, after the fact nonetheless, and found that the are a lot of people who are just GIVING their timeshares away, as long as you are willing to take over the maintenance fees. The value of the purchase price is basically ZERO for resale. Most people also do not realize that you are basically stuck for life with the annual maintenance fees, and the possibility of (sporadic) extra assestments for renewal of furniture and repairs not planned for, etc.

Anyhow, it ended up that I had a 5 day grace period, if I would return everything the had given me with a letter stating we wanted to rescind the contract, we would get all our money back and walk away scott free.
I decided to take that option and do a bit more research, and the result of that is that I'm not going to be a timeshare owner. I will however try to 'rent' into somebodies timeshare if I go on a trip with the family, as most of their condos are pretty nice places to spend a vacation in, just not worth the money and commitment they charge for the timeshare itself.
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