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You really need to get a generic OBD-II code reader for $17.20 with Prime from Amazon which will help you find the root of your evils.

It could be bad/dirty MAF, camshaft sensor, O2 sensors, spark plugs, fuel filter, air leak, coils etc...
If it's a MAF, you can try to clean it.. usually doesn't work but might help.
If it's a camshaft sensor just replace it.
If it's an O2 sensor, then replace both of the pre-cat ones if they are close to 100k between last change.
spark plugs should be changes at 100k also.
Fuel filter is 50k miles.
Air leak is a PITA and it might take a long time to find it.
Coils go bad all the time and having just 1 coil can make the car at times almost undrinkable.

It's too hard to give you any real answer without some codes.
For the time being you could go to Autozone and have them read your codes, then clear them and then come back a few days later and get them checked again.

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