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Originally Posted by iceberq View Post
whoaaa sooo

If I use this, and uncheck the "HOT check" and "COLD check" for the front turn signals, does this mean I can install LED turn signal lights, not use resistors, and still not throw an error? That would be awesome. If somebody has done this, please let me know.
I've done this but mainly because I had a flickering issue when I upgraded to all LED's and this solved that issue.

Also to note, I have made it a point to turn off my heated side mirror feature during the summer as I believe this heating element is what makes the mirror glass prematurely deteriororate and go yellow/brown around the edges. Warm climate folks like in AZ should turn this off all together.

1 touch unlock on all doors was another convenience to switch to as I have never needed to just unlock 1 door only for any particular reason.
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