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Originally Posted by DOC_Race View Post
Thanks Bdave! Viable is the plan, eliminating some of the parts needed to run a low-mount turbo may help on the affordable side of things less downpipe. Also possible failure of a scavenge pump (which I dealt with on my 350Z low-mount setup) will be something i'm happy to eliminate completely. I can't wait to create a slick intake for the topmount position also!

Updates will be coming, now that I have the position locked in i'll be moving along.
Viable means the cost won't be a gazillion dollars too! I love the idea.

Will you have enough hood clearance to run a massive intake pipe and AFE filter? I know its a cluster ef to make this happen with a bottom mount. Almost everyone looses their AC if they go with the big intake tube and AFE filter.
That's not an option for South FL and Texas cars. There are some other States too that will slay a person with out AC in the Summer.

Then there is the other issue of the AFE being so low it can get hydro lock in a big body of standing water.

Your top mount tubular should completely bypass these design short comings, yes?
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