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Originally Posted by trj View Post
Resetting Adaptations

Not sure if this what you want to reset, but here is how I reset my adaptation.

Sorry AC2007, took me so long to take the screenshot(you asked me to post a screenshot in another thread somewhere). I just went to check SES light(O2 sensors are crapping out) in the car and got these shots while I was at it.

Here are the steps:

DME-> Reprogramming -> EWS-DME adaptations -> Yes -> Wait for a couple of seconds -> Done

Do I get $5 now?
This doesn't reset fuel trim adaptations, it just realigns the EWS with the DME.
I needed this feature after flashing my DME to EU2, since it wouldn't start due to security reasons (mismatching data between the two modules)

Thanks for the effort though
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