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Progress report from the last few days. While waiting on some parts to come in for the rear subframe mounting, I decided to tackle the rear quarter panels. First was to mark off the area that my patch panels would cover:

Then after cutting out the rot I tacked the new panel in place. They aren't perfect as far as overall shape, but since the only option BMW has in the entire rear side panels (for $1k a piece) I can make these work.

Bunch-O-Tack Welds:

Welds ground down, then a small upper section of rust cut out. It extended out past where my patch panel would fit, so I'll have to make up some small patches on my own.

I also took the time to put some paint on the tubing bender. It's by no means a great paint job, but it keeps it from rusting and who doesn't like Hot Rod Red? I also ordered the 1" die set (3" radius) which should come in a week or so. That will let me fab up some smaller reinforcements, like in the front grill area and a strut brace I've been thinking up.

Next up is just some of the parts that have come in this week. First was a set of Tii struts. For those that don't know, the Tii struts have larger wheel bearings compared to the standard '02 pieces, and so they are more durable and desirable. This is especially true when running larger wheels with higher offsets. These will be turned into coilovers either by myself or a suspension supplier depending the route I go.

Lastly is my NEW fuel cell. Basically the more I thought about the one I originally bought, the more I realized the A1000 pump is really overkill for my setup. I also wasn't thrilled with having to run the 5/8" and 1/2" feed and return lines to the front, since I can't handle hard line that size I would have to either bring in a hydraulic shop to bend it for me or use braided hose. The new fuel cell has the '340 Stealth' pump, which is still rated for 5-600 FI horsepower. However, it only needs 3/8" feed and return lines, which I can bend and flare with my own tools. It is also a quiter, more street friendly pump that doesn't need a controller like is recommended with the A1000. The other change with this fuel cell is the 20 gallon capacity up from 15. Considering I want to drive this car, and taking into account the mileage I'm expecting from the turbo M20, the added capacity will be welcome.

Toying around with possible mounting positions in the trunk. Front and Centered:

Leaves decent room for the center exit exhaust to be run:

While minimally hanging below the sheet metal:

Thanks for looking.
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