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Originally Posted by alirz View Post
Audiovox media bridge AKA dice mediabridge. These are horrible devices.
I've bought from DICE twice (a dice silver line back in 2008,wasn't good. Then I was stupid and made a mistake of buying a mb1500 for my m3 in 2009).
Both had similar issues. Sound quality has serious issues with clicking popping, slow interface, freezing, etc...
on top of that DICE's support is a big fat ZERO.
They never respond to their support tickets...will never purchase anything from them again...
I too have a healthy dislike of DICE, BUT! they have made huge strides since I installed mine in 2010 and i havent had any issues with mine in about 6 months. As to their support tickets, I have had hit and miss with them. Sometimes they respond, othertimes I have to call them directly.

OP - make sure you updated to the most recent firmware. if still doing that, I would call dice or return the product. That particular issue is a new one, and I promise I have had all of the issues!
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