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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
So flashtwosix, how hard is it to install one of these (not the ATI- a stock one). Any unusual tools needed?
to be honest...I was very timid about replacing my damper because I thought there would be special tools required and I thought the process would be complicated. However, after talking to aggie...he mentioned that it would be easy so I gave it a shot.

Yes...special tools are required but there are way around this. When I fix my laptop I can try to pull the pictures and show you.

this is 5 min job. of course...I had the engine out so it was easier but the same procedure is used even if the engine is still inside the car.

step 1:
lock your fly wheel but inserting a bmw flywheel lockpin. I used a long bolt. I wrapped a bunch of tape around the bolt so that I wont marr (spelling) or damage the flywheel.

Step2: next...insert in a 21 or 22mm (will verify later) socket and use a large cheater bar to remove the damper screw. a very large cheater bar is required because the nut is TORQUED at whopping 300-305ft/lbs of force.

installing the damper is fool proof because there is an alignment tab on the damper. there is no way you can mess this up. just slide in the new damper. no pressing is involve at all. lock the flywheel and torque the new damper to 300-305ft/lbs
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