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Why did you replace the whole driveshaft and not just the u joint and center bearing? Was it damaged and unbalanced?
The ujoints aren't rebuildable so your only options are to buy a brand new shaft, buy a used one, or buy a rebuilt one. I went the rebuilt route since it comes with a new carrier bearing. I guess if you have your own machine shop and way to balance....could do it yourself.

Do you mean that you feel some play in the transfer case when you rock the front shaft? I think that is normal. My xi also has some play but I don't think that is a problem. Worn u-joints in that shaft would be a problem.
No, I agree there is slop in the transfer case as you rotate it and I expect that to be normal. But mine if you move the output shaft up or down/ side to side perpendicular to its axis, it moves like the bearing in the transfer case is wore. U joints on the front drive shaft are good.

I did not replace the guibo as it appeared fine; no tearing, cracks, flaking, etc. Could be it I guess, but its another $125... I did 'preload' teh carrier bearing by pushing it toward the rear of the car as it shows in picture in the Bentley, even though it says in the text 'push toward the front'.
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