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Diet to burn fat

I'm currently in my phase 2 of P90x2 and trying my best to follow the diet to the best of my ability.

Right now, I'm eating ~45% carbs, 25% Protein and 30% Fat daily intake with ~2600 calories

I know I need to be around 20% fat in order to start reducing, but it seems like it's damn impossible. I realize that going out with co-workers and eating lunch (even with it being "healthy" and "light" meals) is killing me.

I'm 6' 1", 177 lbs, 21 yrs old and 15.8% body fat. How much more body fat do I need to shed until I can start seeing an results in abs? I realize that abs are made in the kitchen, but I've really been careful of what I eat and when.

Everything else is starting to form together, but the belly is still there...and frustrating.

Much appreciated.
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