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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
WHOA! How on earth did you find this? 1000 bux before shipping. never used. Very compact. Oh, it looks VERY much like it will fit. Someone should jump on this!
Just get a professional welder to check all the welds once its here. The price is right!

It is 100 times simpler than anything I have seen. So what is the catch? Are the runners too SHORT? Will the EGT's be too high? There is not much length involved. Is that a problem?

Because it has never actually run does mean its an unproven design. Maybe its too much of a gamble unless someone can justify/verify the design.
Just surfing. Vikings love power

He is going to move the engine further back, and in an upright position, so then he needs a new design. On a norwegian forum he says this manifold would be a tight fit in the e46.. Maybe too tight...

I know he is a buddy of another guy who cracked the 1000whp barrier with the s54... (he also has a special manifold) pic little down on the side:

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