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Originally Posted by BMW2D4EVR View Post
AC, how much of a difference did the correct springs actually make? 1/2 inch? im curious cause im still stuck in the current situation, trying to get the correct springs to. Also did KW make the mistake of sending you different rear springs to? or just front?
Not that much, but the car sits noticeably lower. The front/back are even now and going any lower just isn't practical for me anyways.
I'd say the new springs gave it just under half an inch.

As for the rears, I don't know if I have the right/wrong set.
I'm assuming there is only one set since every E46 uses the rear as drive wheels regardless of being i,ci,xi, etc.

Remember, I had stock non-sport suspension before this install, so my expectations for the drop were taken right off of's advertisement for my specific car and suspension package. The advertisement said 2.8 inches max drop up front if I remember right, but you can feel free to see for yourself.

EDIT: 2.8 up front, 2.0 in the back

Yeah, MAYBE 2.8" without the helper springs. Idk if that figure isn't accurate or what, but its nowhere close to 2.8.
For the rears, yes 2.0" drop is achievable.

Also Kris, I jacked up the control arm with the strut installed before tightening the pinch bolt. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind everything is seated right.. after all this is the third reinstallation.

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