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When you are first starting out... you have to try and keep it simple... I'll do my best to do that while still being informative.

You need 1g of protein per bodyweight, so 177g of protein per day. 1.5/2 is overkill and will just come out in the bathroom.

Carbs like starches & especially sugar make you fat. Bodyfat is stored by a complex system, but essentially when your glucose stores (from carbs) are full, and you eat more carbs, your body stores the excess energy as body fat. It only takes 10% or less carbs a day to keep glucose levels peaked... unless you are doing serious athletic challenges like marathons etc. For most people with desk jobs and a healthy exercise regimen, you'll be fine.

If you want to burn fat, here is my tried and true method (I have gone from 20% after one bulk and 17% bf after another bulk back down to 10-11% within 5-6 months). Slow fat loss is very important, otherwise you will be losing muscle tissue rapidly. Trust me, it sucks.

Concentrate on each meals composition. Learn what foods have what nutrients. Cook at home as much as possible, because preservatives believe it or not make you fat as well. Read ingredients. Shop around the outside of the grocery store... buying fresh produce, fresh meats (no packaged/preserved), and if you must fresh bread etc. Try not to buy anything from the aisles, if you must ... read the ingredients. Organic labels usually mean they have a lot less crap like starches, maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, potato starch... you'll be amazed the kind of weird ingredients are in things.

Each meal should have a protein source (breakfast you have eggs, 1 or 2 slices of bacon, etc). Do not be scared of fat, but respect it. It has more than twice the calories than carbs/protein per gram... 9 calories per gram of fat, compared to 4 for protein/carbs. It adds up quick.

You need to limit your carb intake to 20-30% per day. These carbs should be made up of complex grains like wild rice, 12 grain bread etc, quinoa, etc. I'd love if you stopped eating wheat altogether so you could see the dramatic effect it has on fat loss, but I'll assume that's out of the question.

Cook with olive oil or coconut oil, switch off. Coconut oil has a high smoke point (where it burns/smokes) so is great for cooking at high temperatures (steaks on a pan etc).

You are eating way too many calories. Based on the info you provided, you should be at 2300/day to maintain current weight. In order to lose a lb a week (one lb of fat = 3500 calories burned) you need to be below your maintenance level by 500 calories a day. This is safe, effective weight loss. It's not a sprint, its a marathon.

So based on all that... here you go:

Non-Workout Days

1700 Calories Total
170g protein (40%)
85g carbs (20%)
75g fat (40%)

Not all nutrients are made the same. The best source of carbs is from vegetables, things like brocolli, cauliflower, etc. Learn to love these. Sweet potatoes on occasion, same with quinoa, wild rice, 12 grain breads etc. Get your proteins from eggs, chicken breast, lean cuts of steak, turkey, tuna, salmon, halibut etc. Fats from olive oil, the fish you eat, take 2 omega 3 fish oil supplement twice a day, coconut oil/milk, bacon, egg yolk etc.

On workout days you follow the same guideline, however you can eat an extra post workout meal for around 250 calories, mostly protein.

You want to do 3 days a week of weights, and 2-3 days of HIIT cardio (google it). The workout below says 40 minutes... you should start at around 12-14 minutes and work your way up in intensity. You should be dead at the end.

This one has worked for me in the past:

The main thing you need to learn to do in order to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF... get used to cooking. Embrace it. Learn new recipes, new methods of cooking the same old food (chicken breast especially), otherwise you will fail because nobody likes eating crappy tasting bland food every single meal. You will start to cheat and de-rail.

One thing that works for me at my office job is that I cook dinner most nights and then bring the leftovers to lunch the next day. Stop going out for lunch every single day, this is probably the greatest change you can make. Pick a day (mines friday) where you join coworkers and be social... Nobody wants to have to be completely cut off from the world just to lose a couple lbs. This is all about sustainable, liveable weight loss.

While i respect redriders diet and determination, for the majority of people it won't work... they won't follow it.

You need to do this for at least 4 months straight to notice a serious improvement. You won't notice anything for at least a month, don't get discouraged.

Pick a day, and weigh yourself every week in the morning after a piss on this day. Track your weight loss, see the results on the scale, and eventually in the mirror.

Dieting isn't comfortable, but it doesn't have to rule your life.

Hope that helps! I have a sample diet I made for cutting if you'd like me to post it, with macronutrient breakdowns.
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