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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
Why not make it so the vents are over the hpf logo on the intake manifold? Then everyone knows its hpf car.
Too bad they let children on this forum.

Originally Posted by jtrejo
i like 6 & 8
Thanks. Those are my choices as well.

Originally Posted by PEI330Ci

Poor mkodama...right to the point from an engineering perspective.

Unfortunately he's right.

The area towards the very front of the hood is a low pressure area, then it transitions towards high pressure at the back. The reason why the HVAC inlet is placed where it is, is that it's a high pressure area that literally self feeds as vehicle velocity increases.

If I was going to put a vent at the center, or towards the rear of a hood, I would build a lip before the exit point to help create a low pressure area.

Oh...and to keep a hood down, so it doesn't flap want to seal the back of it close to the windshield. I've seen many race cars (that have gone to great lengths to save ounces from the chassis) have a full OEM rubber strip at the base of the windshield to help keep the hood down at speed.

But...what do I know...I don't have a Doctorate in Engineering. (Heavy jab at mkodama)
Thanks for the feedback.


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