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Originally Posted by Locutus09 View Post
Im happy with the progress I've gotten so far...hence why I continue to do it.

Just didnt know if my eating routine was hurting or not even helping me.

Trust me, im much better than before, and Im only half way through.

Prior I was at the same weight, but no muscle or definition anywhere. With the limited time I have with this internship and just night's the perfect solution to transfer into the gym once college starts up

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I think you'll find at your current bf % that you will stagnate or begin to gain weight with your current diet. Once you are below 16%, the REAL work begins if you want to be cut. You are looking at 6 months of hard work to cut down to about 10%, where abs are noticeable and you look cut.

Make time to cook, make a lot of food when you do have time and eat the leftovers when you don't.
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